C10HL Phased & Linear Dual Probe Ultrasound


  • Wireless charger, USB charger – wireless charging and wired charging take the same time.
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows – on tablet, laptop, mobile phone, PC, etc. Adaptable to different systems, everyday smart devices can be connected.
  • Waxed design, waterproof, and overheating prevention – even if the machine is soaked in water, it will not affect its use.
  • 2 batteries = longer usage time – works continuously for 4 hours
  • Thyroid ultrasound – convenient for checking thyroid nodules, goitre and other lesions.
  • Apply Doppler imaging to cardiac ultrasound makes it easier for doctors to check blood flow – convenient for doctors to check blood viscosity, often including plasma viscosity, red blood cells, and platelets under different pressures.
  • Assist in the teaching of anatomy and physiology – students can understand the basic physiological structure of the human body through images.
  • Effectively assess cardiac left ventricular function – provide treatment options for dilated cardiomyopathy, pericardial effusion, and thick cardiomyopathy.
  • Musculoskeletal imaging (MSK) – imaging of certain blood vessels (such as carotid arteries)
  • Warranty: 18 months (extended warranty available)


C10HL portable ultrasound probe can establish wired or wireless connections with mobile phones, iPads, or PCs. This IPX7 waterproof device allows you to scan any body part at any time and any place. On the other hand, the newest handheld bluetooth ultrasound probe provides the latest mini-wireless cardiovascular ultrasound. The multipurpose dual head linear + cardiac ultrasound probe can offer you high-definition images of the heart and assists with heart function assessments using the dual-head cardiac ultrasound.

ProbeWireless dual head phased+linear probe
ElementsDual 128
Frequency2.2-3.6mhz, 7.5/10mhz
Depth90-190mm, 20-100mm
Preset 10+Abdomen, Cardiac, User1, User2, Thyroid, Small parts, pediatrics, Vascular, Carotid, Breast, Msk, Nerve, User1, User2
HostTablet, Smart phone, PC
Software Adjustable ParametersGN(gain), D(Depth), ENH(Enhancement), DR(Dynamic range), F(Frequency), FocusPos, PRF, WF, Mode, 8TGC, Biopsy, Annote, Page left/right/up/down.
MeasurementB: Length,Area/Circumference, Angle,Trace, Distance B+M: Heart Rate, Time, LVIDd, LVIDs, SV, EF, Distance B+PW: Velocity, Heart Rate(2), S/D, Depth    Automatic Vessel Flow Measure: PS, ED, TAMAX, TAMEAN, PI, RI, S/D, DIAM, FL
Playback Frames100, 200, 500, 1000 optional
Display ModeB, B/M, color, PW, PDI
Image Savejpg, avi, Mp4 and DICOM format
Image Gray Scale256 level
WiFi TypeBuilt-in WiFi, 802.11g/20MHz/2.4G/5G/450Mbps
LanguageChinese, Ukrainian, German, English, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil)
Power2 built-in lithium batteries
Power Consumption3W (probe run) /1W (probe stop)
Battery ReplaceableYes (by engineer)
Battery Duration4 hours (working time), 72 hours (stand by)
ChargerType-C USB charger, wireless charger
Anti-slip Design4 sides of probe
Waterproof gradeIP68
Built-in cooling coatingYes