HEINE GAMMA 5 Sphygmomanometer with Adult Cuff in Zipper Pouch


The HEINE standard sphygmomanometer

Exclusive air-release valve. Upper housing made of aluminium alloy with a shock absorbing ring protecting indicator and glass.

  • Shock-absorbing Polyamid housing
  • Latex-Free
  • Shockproof



Exclusive pressure-distribution system.

Pressure-proof manometer. Ensures durability and reliability.

Micro filter. Protects valve and manometer.

Large diameter scale. 56 mm diameter black-on-white scale is easy to read.

High quality indicator. Precisely calibrated, durable and shock resistant.

Large insufflation bulb. 50 % larger bulb volume for fast inflation of the cuff.

Exclusive air-release valve. Provides fine and precise air release rate adjustment, quick deflation, and extreme durability. A rubber-stop prevents valve-lock.

Upper housing made of aluminium alloy with a shock absorbing ring protecting indicator and glass.

Lower housing is moulded of shockproof plastic with shock absorbing, anti-slip coating.

High quality, single-tube cuff with velcro fastener. Washable.

Adjustable spoon (plastic). For both right or left-handed operation.


HEINE Quality Made In Germany
We live and breathe quality. In everything we do. Every product we make. Every lens we polish. Every screw we tighten. Every optic fiber we bundle. Always. Every day. The durability of our primary diagnostic instruments is legendary. Every single instrument is the result of decades of product development, continuous improvements, production and a 100% quality control in our own facilities. We make certain that our high expectations of quality are maintained.



HEINE – Quality made in Germany

As a global leader in the manufacture of primary diagnostic instruments with over 500 employees, HEINE Optotechnik has been a 100 % family owned and managed company for more than 75 years. We continue to develop and manufacture HEINE instruments at our facilities in Germany, where we combine decades-long experience and craftsmanship with the most modern manufacturing technologies.

We are represented in over 120 countries around the world, with subsidiaries in Australia, the US and Switzerland.

MedShopNow.com (ARG Consulting Ltd.) is the only authorized distributor for Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, and Suriname.


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