Microcuvettes for Diaspect Tm [500 microcuvettes]


Key features

  • Used with Diaspect Tm Hemoglobin Analyzer
  • Sample volume <10µL
  • Shelf life of up to 2.5 years
  • Ideal for anemic patients
  • Unaffected by humidity or temperature
  • Bubble-free cuvette design minimizes repeat testing
  • Storage temperature: 0 °C ­- 50 °C (- 30 °C ­- 70 °C up to 24 hours)
  • Easy to pick up and handle with gloves
  • CE marked, manufactured in Germany
  • Packaging: 100 microcuvettes/bag x 5

Note: Not for sale to blood banks in Trinidad & Tobago.


The microcuvettes have a shelf life of up to two and a half years and can be used until the expiration date, even after opening the bag. This makes them ideal for settings with low prevalence of anemic patients.

The microcuvettes are unaffected by humidity or temperature and are therefore particularly suited for use in hot and humid climates.

In addition, they are designed to collect a blood sample from any angle without forming air bubbles; this feature ensures that the need for repeating the testing procedure is minimised.





EKF Diagnostics

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EKF Point of Care (POC) analyzers are designed for use within doctors' surgeries, clinics, blood banks and hospital and private laboratories to provide fast and accurate results at an affordable price.


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