Quo-Test® HbA1c Analyzer


Key features

  • Lab accurate HbA1c results at the Point of Care (PoC)
  • Fully automated analyzer
  • Results in just 4 minutes
  • 4 µl sample size required
  • Dimensions: 205 x 205 x 135mm


Easy and reliable HbA1c analyzer

The Quo-Test®  is a fully automated desktop point-of-care analyzer designed for easy and reliable HbA1c measurement for the monitoring and management of diabetes in a point-of-care setting such as diabetes clinics and doctors’ surgeries.

The Quo-Test HbA1c system is a fully automated hemoglobin A1c analyzer that uses patented boronate affinity fluorescence quenching technology to measure glycated hemoglobin from a 4 μl sample taken from a finger prick or venous whole blood.

Sample results are available within 4 minutes and are dual-reported in IFCC and DCCT standard units (Mono S & JDS reporting are also available). Quo-Test is unaffected by most hemoglobin variants and other endogenous interferences due to its unique interference-free methodology.

Quo-Test can store over 7,000 results which can be downloaded as text files to a PC via the integrated USB interface. Alternatively, results can be printed using a printer which connects via a serial port.

Step by step instructions displayed on the analyzers clear, multi-lingual display, reduces staff training time to a minimum, almost eradicating the opportunity for user-related errors.

Quo-Test is CE marked for the monitoring of HbA1c in diabetes patients.


Easy HbA1c measurements in 3 steps:

Step 1: Collect blood sample


Step 2: Insert sample into cartridge


Step 3: Results within 4 minutes



EKF Diagnostics

EKF Diagnostics Holdings plc is a global medical diagnostics business with specialisms in point-of-care testing, central laboratory tests, enzyme manufacturing and the provision of contract manufacturing services to the healthcare industry.

EKF Point of Care (POC) analyzers are designed for use within doctors' surgeries, clinics, blood banks and hospital and private laboratories to provide fast and accurate results at an affordable price.


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