UOL Covid-19 PCR Quality Analyzer


  • FDA approved. CFDD approved (Trinidad & Tobago).
  • Fast Results: Positive results in as fast as 12 minutes, negative results in 40 minutes.
  • Highly Accurate: 96.1% Accuracy with no false positives when compared to a highly-sensitive PCR test.
  • Powerful Detection: Analytical sensitivity over 20,000x higher than some commercially-available rapid antigen tests.
  • Easy Workflow: Anterior nasal swab sample collection, set up and run a test in under 5 minutes.
  • Clear Results: Mobile app automatically interprets data with clear-text results.
  • Tech Enabled: Patient registration, SMS result delivery, and automated reporting also available*.
  • Beyond COVID: Additional tests utilizing the UOL COVID-19 Instrument in development.
  • COMING SOON: Test Kits for
    • Flu
    • Monkeypox
    • Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Infection
    • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
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Fast & affordable PCR-quality COVID testing for labs and clinics.

The UOL COVID-19 Test is an FDA-authorized, PCR-quality COVID test system that returns results in as fast as 12 minutes with a 96.1% Accuracy compared to high-sensitivity PCR – all for a significantly lower cost than other CLIA-waived COVID NAATs.The UOL COVID-19 Test has been granted emergency use authorization (EUA) by the FDA for use at the point-of-care setting and is available for purchase by qualified customers with a CLIA ID.

A new test for the new normal. The UOL COVID-19 Test uses a new, patented chemistry which is ideally suited for detection of infectious disease: Loop-de-Loop™ RT-LAMP. Loop-de-Loop™ RT-LAMP allows for the power of PCR without complex equipment. The result? Lower costs while maintaining accuracy.

Note: iPhone/iPad not included.

The UOL COVID-19 Test in 5 Steps:

1. Start
Open the DxPro app, scan your Instrument, scan your Kit, and register the patient:

2. Squeeze
Open the Test Kit, insert Assay Tube, and squeeze all of the Vial solution into the Assay tube:

3. Swab
Use the sterile nasal swab and collect a sample from both nostrils by making 5 big circles inside the nose:

4. Stir
Use the sterile nasal swab and collect a sample from both nostrils by making 5 big circles inside the nose:

5. Submit
Close the Assay Tube, seal it with the included sticker, and submit the test – that’s it!



We’re passionate about improving public health.

Uh-Oh Labs is developing diagnostic tests through our Loop-de-Loop™ platform which enables simplicity, speed, and lower costs while providing accurate, lab-grade results.

Our focuses are on expanding testing capabilities at underserved point of care facilities and introducing access to lab-grade diagnostic tests to people at home, schools, or offices. We are always interested in partnerships with other forward-thinking organizations and exceptional, motivated individuals who want to help us in our mission.

MedShopNow (ARG Consulting Ltd.) is the only authorized distributor for the Caribbean, Guyana, and Suriname. Excludes US territories.


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